NTM went off air in 1999 owing to monetary losses and thereupon STN additionally close up CNN Intn'l, BBC World and DW TV in 1999. PTV and STN started Channel-3 as a venture in 1999 that started its transmissions on regular basis in 2001. A satellite beam of Channel-3 was additionally organized.
In 2002, the then government of West Pakistan|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} spread out new ways in which for the media trade of Pakistan by permitting non-public TV channels to work brazenly even to telecast their own news and current affairs content. before that the sole non-public TV station of the country NTM wasn't allowed to transmit its own news and current affairs programmings. Indus Vision (first ever non-public satellite channel of Pakistan). ARY Digital, Geo, Hum, and also the development went on & on.
In 2005 Channel-3 went off air and thereupon Shalimar Recording and company once more renamed its TV network as ATV Network (a venture of Shalimar Rec. & Broadcast. Co. & SSI) and ATV started its transmission because the solely semi-private TV station of Islamic Republic of Pakistan being shown on terrestrial likewise as satellite beam. In 2007, PTV or PTV-1 was given a brand new name PTV Home and PTV World went off air (PTV World restarted in 2012-13 because the solely English language/pure satellite channel of Pakistan). PTV News started in 2007. PTV Home, PTV News (both state owned) and ATV (semi private) channels ar shown on terrestrial beams at the side of the satellite beam. whereas recently started PTV Sports becomes obtainable on terrestrial beams solely throughout the necessary national and international sports events. PTV Prime went out of PTV's horizon in 2005 as Associate in Nursing freelance Prime TV Associate in Nursingd PTV launched an exclusive channel for Americas & Europe in 2006 i.e. PTV Global.
It is essential to utilize partner portals for effective communication and collaboration with the creation of a standard language. This endeavor is taken into account to the terribly core or heart of a high-quality channel position. for optimum optimisation, it's most ideal to mix this with transparency at intervals a channel. If the data and different pertinent resources and programs shared at intervals partner portals square measure simply and clearly inspected, then upstream partners would have the advantage of an immediate and excellent read of sales and performance in order that they'll answer changes and trends suitably. Transparency encourages inflated agreement and alignment on correct and visual facts.
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