Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (Urdu reporting name: PCB), also known as Radio Pakistan, a public radio broadcasting network, with official media megacorporation in Pakistan. While the PBC to study abroad, news services, radio and television, Internet, music and cultural radio, features, and functions as the purpose of the mission to entertain people through 10 different plays languages.PBC programs that are broadcast, providing a wide range of out of Pakistan which is Pakistan, its culture and government, and the audience in the world. PBC program "Health, Education, Environment, Planning, Agriculture, special people, women's rights, human rights, minorities and media freedom," covering educate people on social and economic issues. A 1973 law, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (President and later Prime Minister) by as the signature PBC regulated ", published in circulation, distribution and can be considered as regulated in any part of the world in any way (to feet and reliable) News and information ". This is a fundamental mission: "to be the main activity for the whole range of public awareness, education, news and information.". PBC radio services and television programs satellite, cable, FM, are broadcast via AM and shortwave radio frequencies. P B C programming is also available through WRN. Nationally, PBC news cycle period of 24 officially recognized languages ​​in 23 different programs. The external services programs are broadcast-West, South, East, South Asia and parts of Eastern Europe, covering 10 different foreign languages, eight hours a day.
All India Radio (AIR), officially known as AIR 1956 (literally, "The Voice from Heaven"), a division of India's national public radio broadcaster and Prasar Bharati. Established in 1930, which spread Doordarshan, the national public service television broadcaster of India's sister. The latest information was given by Minister of Information and Broadcasting AIR covers 99% of the Indian population. All India Radio is one of the largest radio networks in the world. Its headquarters is in the air building in New Delhi. Radio Drama department building, the FM department and national service. Doordarshan Kendra (Delhi) offices are located on the sixth floor of the building in the air.
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